Ugh Tapatalk ads after updating

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Ugh Tapatalk ads after updating

Post by $iljanus »

Any other Tapatalk users getting huge ads? Updated the app this morning and I'm no longer ad free. They seem to know I visited Puerto Rico recently since I'm getting a mix of Spanish ads.
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Re: Ugh Tapatalk ads after updating

Post by Ralph-Wiggum »

Yeah, I've had ads for the last few weeks. It's super annoying since it's not like just an occasional ad; I'm getting them like every two posts. :grund:
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Re: Ugh Tapatalk ads after updating

Post by Pyperkub »

I'm on version 8.4.3 (build 1509) for Android. No Ads, but I did buy it at one point.

I do get too many of those "kin" prompts, whatever the heck that is.
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Re: Ugh Tapatalk ads after updating

Post by Isgrimnur »

Well, it was a good run. They’re ending the grandfathered VIP status for those that purchased the app way back when.

You can rebuy a lifetime membership for $30 or go $1 a month.
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