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RPG Game Map Programs

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RPG Game Map Programs

Post by Zarathud »

There seem to be all these map foldouts available for D&D settings and there are even graphic design programs for generating D&D dungeons. Anyone know of any easy to use graphic design programs for putting together futuristic maps for miniatures/RPG gaming?

I'm trying to generate a few decent-quality maps that can be used for the futuristic RPG Paranoia.

After two years at Origins, I know I have the ability and resources to run an awesome Paranoia game next year. For me, a key element in dealing with gamers you don't know is to visually show what's happening. I'd like to be able to generate something nice to laminate and toss down as a map for everyone -- that way I don't have to spend limited game time describing the environment and I can finally put to use my ever-growing futuristic miniature collection.
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Post by killbot737 »

Steve Jackson used to sell one, something Cartography

Found it, Campaign Cartographer

These guys make Fractal Mapper (you can get it from rpgnow too)
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Hemlock Bones
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Post by Hemlock Bones »

Campaign Cartographer & stuff is well above my purchase point but Fractal Mapper looks cool and priced right for me. Anyone have any expericence with it?
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Post by marcusjm »

There are some excellent freeware alternatives too. I just cant remember them but I think there's links in one of the bioware forums.

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Post by Khoram »

marcusjm wrote:There are some excellent freeware alternatives too. I just cant remember them but I think there's links in one of the bioware forums.

Try AutoRealm. It has most of the same feature set as Campaign Cartographer, but is free. I have both and I actually prefer AutoRealm, the interface is less cumbersome in my mind. Now, if I made my living off of making maps, maybe I would want or need some of the advanced stuff in CC. But for people like me, AR is fine and the price can't be beat.[/url]
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Cylus Maxii
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Post by Cylus Maxii »

I have both CC2 and FM7 - I don't use either extensively beccuase I don't game as much as I'd like. Howver, FM is a lot cheaper and easier to use. I'm going to look into autorealm.
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Re: RPG Game Map Programs

Post by Redfive »

This might be my first thread necro--certainly the furthest back.

I wanted to share some love for a web based map making program I found last night while scrambling to prep. for my D&D session.

I've been needing a map for this particular city for awhile now but have never taken the time to get it done and last night the party was set to arrive there for a significant time between adventures. Cue the panic.

I found Inkarnate and within an hour I had put together a serviceable map for a large city.

If I decide to spend more time with it I could do a lot more but this worked for last night:

Enlarge Image red51ve#1673
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Re: RPG Game Map Programs

Post by hentzau »

That's pretty sweet.
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